What Does Faster, Flatter, Fewer Mean?

Faster Placement: A Somero Laser Screed can screed up to 50,000 square feet per day, easily moves around obstacles on the jobsite and needs only perimeter forming when placing slabs-on-grade. An SXP equipped with an LS-14.5 head has a 14-1/2 foot wide head and 20 foot telescopic boom which makes it possible to screed 290 square feet in just 60 seconds! That means more floor is placed daily and production schedules are satisfied or actually shortened. Fast track production, high quality, and cost effectiveness are all direct benefits of utilizing the Somero Laser Screed.

Flatter Floors: You get laser-precise flatness and levelness every time, using a Laser Screed. Floors are routinely flatter and more level than floors produced with any other conventional method.

Fewer Workers: The Somero Laser Screed does all the tough work, eliminating the backbreaking jobs that nobody wants.

Strike back at your competition with the Somero Copper Head. It is the world’s first walk behind Laser Screed® for grade and above grade flatwork. At a remarkable low price, and coming with on site training, you can now afford to add laser-controlled accuracy, productivity and cost-efficiency to your pours.
The Copper Head XD is the right machine for contractors who want better performance when you encounter difficult applications such as:
Chaired rebarLow slump Poor subgrades The Copper Head XD uses Somero’s patented laser leveling technology to cut the concrete to a finished grade, screed it flat, and vibrate it smooth in one pass. You will be able to work faster because the Copper Head XD sets grade automatically, allowing the operator to move quickly and efficiently through the work area.


The HoseHog2™ is a unique combination of advanced technology and old fashion horsepower that removes the back-breaking and extremely labor-intensive task of dragging concrete hose either on elevated deck or slab on grade.

In March 2007, the HoseHog was awarded the “Most Innovative Product” award!

The Somero HoseHog™ is a tool designed to pick up and move your slick line around the pour site allowing you to place the concrete faster. Utilizing the Somero placing system of two machines and our specially designed pans, the HoseHog offers you the speed, control and power needed to pull hose. The Hose

PowerRake® 2.0

The PowerRake® 2.0 is the most powerful concrete raking tool you’ll ever need!

Designed to take the grunt effort out of placing concrete or grading fine-granular materials, this 4-wheel drive, ride-on, hydraulic powered concrete grading machine is so easy to operate your crew will be proficient with it in minutes.

The PowerRake® 2.0’s innovative, patented design was developed to allow a single operator the ability to rake more concrete in less time, with no manual labor. The ride-in design is a proven labor saving device and tales the back-breaking work out of raking concrete.

The PowerRake® 2.0, with a quieter yet more powerful engine allows the operator to ride on the machine and rake the “dumped” concrete down to grade to +/- ¼ “ accuracy.

The PowerRake® 2.0 is designed to work with all screeding equipment; from the 2×4 to handheld vibrating screeds, from the CopperHead® XD 3.0 to the large SXP® Laser Screed®.

For more information, call 800-314-8933 to speak to one of our customer service representatives.

STS-132 Topping Spreader

The new Somero STS-132 Topping Spreader replaces the STS-130. This completely redesigned Topping Spreader allows you to accurately and efficiently spread dry shake toppings on concrete floors and slabs. The STS-132 is ideally suited to accurately spread toppings on wide placements, immediately following the Somero Laser Screed.

The new STS-132 gives you the freedom to pour any width, shape or size, cutting you loose from the limitations of conventional spreaders. The high level of maneuverability allows you to easily work closely around columns and other obstructions. Save time and labor with the STS-132. You can spread more than 120 square feet of toppings with each pass of the STS-132, which takes just 8 seconds! With the large capacity material bin and bulk loading option you can get spreading fast and keep spreading with no down time. The STS-132 features new electronic joystick controls, automatic feed system, computer adjustable parameters, and increased capacity.

Shake-on hardeners are being specified at an increasing rate. Be ready to take advantage of this opportunity with the Somero STS-132 Topping Spreader.